Hire Initiative Toolkit

The HIRE Initiative is a collaborative partnership of organizations, agencies and funders all coming together to reduce the racial disparities in employment. Our Partner Agencies guide our participants through all the steps needed for them to find and maintain employment. We then match the client skills with the skills that our Employer Partners are looking for.

However, we don’t just prepare the participants for employment, this collaborative also works with our Employer Partners to examine the environment, culture and career tracks available. Our goal is to place the HIRE participants in a work environment where they can thrive, grow and advance in a company.

We have developed a few tools to help us with this. Inside of this toolkit, you will find a variety of books, videos and training; to name a few things, that can help your organization be a great place for all to work. We will continue to add to this toolkit so please check back frequently to see what we have added. If you have a resource that you would like to share, please contact us.