helping Dane County families pay for health insurance

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HealthConnect helps local families pay for health insurance premiums. Generously funded by UW Health and Quartz.


had health insurance premiums paid to date in 2019.

$ 912000
Premiums Paid

for health insurance in Dane County to date in 2019.

50 %
received preventative care

after enrolling in HealthConnect.


Family of 1

$ 12,490-18,735 Per Year

Family of 2

$ 16,910-25,365 Per Year

Family of 3

$ 21,330-31,995 Per Year

Family of 4

$ 25,750-38,625 Per Year

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What People Say

I was having a mental health crisis before HealthConnect, knowing that maintaining my physical health would ruin me financially. Now I can afford to be alive. THANK YOU!​
HealthConnect Enrollee
HealthConnect has helped me put some of my financial worries aside and concentrate on a living a happier lifestyle. I’m now able to pay off my debt and see my doctor on a regular basis to help with my family history of heart disease.
HealthConnect Enrollee

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