Achieving our mission means being an equity leader and striving for outcomes that reflect a more inclusive community.

United Way of Dane County IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access) Statement reflects our commitment to support transformative social change and to address structural inequities and oppression.

Our commitment to IDEA means that all staff are treated with fairness, dignity and respect regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, ability or religion.

Our processes for management, promotions, feedback and grievances are transparent, and when we fall short, we welcome and incorporate critical feedback from staff and volunteers that helps us align more closely to that promise.

IDEA is reflected in our commitment to engaging and involving diverse communities, especially those racially and ethnically diverse, in decision-making, leadership and action to achieve equitable outcomes in Education, Income and Health.

Alongside racism we oppose sexism, hetero-sexism, trans-phobia, able-ism, classism, ageism, and religious discrimination across our collective work.