HIRE Education Employment Initiative

HIRE Education Employment PhotoUnited Way launched the HIRE Initiative in April 2013 which benefits adults (18+) who haven’t graduated and are seeking steady employment.

“The job market has drastically changed in the last 15 years, jobs are requiring a high school diploma or the equivalent and some type of post-secondary education,” says Gretchen Lowe, Community Labor Leader and Chair of United Way’s Safe Communities, Strong Neighborhoods Community Solutions Team. “A high school diploma is not an option for long-term career stability. It’s a requirement.”

U.S. Census data tells us 9.4%, or 31,000, adults in Dane County over the age of 17 do not have a high school diploma. Individuals in the HIRE Initiative will start their journey by developing an Individual Hiring Plan which includes an assessment of their current educational level and helps them set goals that place them on the track to finding and maintaining employment.HIRE Education Employment Ladder

For example, individuals who haven’t received their high school diploma, will get connected with remedial and diploma preparation classes and to complete their diploma. After they have attained their diploma, they will receive training on employability skills needed to succeed in the workplace. Ultimately, they will secure stable employment.

Lowe says United Way and partners have high hopes for how this will help individuals to attain long term success. “Navigating the current system can be difficult. This type of model will make it so much easier for our community members.”

If you are an employer looking for skilled entry level employees or know someone who would be a great candidate for this initiative visit www.HIREinDane.com for more information.