Home Visits • Childcare • Tutoring

Why It Matters:

Children who start kindergarten-ready and finish high school are more likely to have the skills required to be successful in post-secondary education, an increasingly complicated job market and society. Adults with higher education levels are more likely to gain employment with family-sustaining wages.

United Way’s Role:

We’re investing in strategies and programs that help support quality childcare and early childhood development – creating connections with families and young children – because we know that parents are our children’s first teachers.

We also support and lead programs that help prepare youth for the classroom and life beyond, through tutoring, mentoring and social-emotional learning (like empathy and confidence).


  1. Build family well-being by intentionally and simultaneously working with children under five and the adults in their lives together.

  2. All students succeed academically, and graduate high school prepared for higher education, career and community.


  1. Increase percent of third graders in Dane County reading proficiently at or above grade level.

  2. Increase percent of Dane County students who graduate high school.