(Retired Employees Are Dedicated Individuals)

READI (Retired Employees Are Dedicated Individuals) was founded in 1993 by retiring Oscar Mayer employees who wanted to make a difference in the Greater Madison Community and maintain and make new relationships with fellow employees. In 2017 READI became a United Way of Dane County program open to all interested individuals in Dane County.

READI’s mission remains to enrich the quality of life in the Greater Madison Community and to provide retirees the opportunity to maintain relationships and make new ones while providing needed services to community organizations.

READI’s objectives are to help our neighbors in need, serve our communities, provide in-kind support and to socialize with fellow volunteers. READI currently has over 250 members who, over the years, have contributed an average of 5,000 hours a year on approximately 50 projects (over 125,000 volunteer hours in 28 years).

READI volunteers at events such as Iron Man, Berbee Derby, Race for the Cure, Brat Fest, Alzheimer’s & Dementia Walk, Badger Childhood Cancer Network, Future Quest, Light the Night, and many others. There are project opportunities for everyone. Occasionally we get projects that members can complete at home (Hats for Badger Childhood Cancer Network and Henry Vilas Zoo Bear Project). 

Steve Stocker, Chair

Are you READI to volunteer?

Sign up as a READI Volunteer today by sending an email to or call at 246-4350 extension 4399. You will receive a monthly newsletter and a Upcoming Project List about volunteer opportunities.

To learn about the history, mission and impact of READI, read the READI brochure HERE.

Visit us at for photos of our volunteers in action!

Due to COVID 19 all safety precautions will be in place at all projects.

Upcoming READI Volunteer Projects

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