Vision: A Dane County Absent of Racial Health Disparities.

Goal: Decrease racial disparities in Dane County by providing
equitable access to affordable, accessible and culturally-safe
health care.

Why it Matters:

While Dane County remains a top place to live, raise a family and retire, for our BIPOC neighbors (including Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Southeast Asian and people of color), education, income and health inequities and disparities remain consistent. Unfortunately in Dane County, the color of your skin and the ZIP code in which you live have a significant impact on your quality of life, life expectancy and a wide range of health outcomes.

Currently 93% of Dane County babies are born with a healthy birthweight and 96% of Dane County individuals have health insurance.

INCOME Fast Facts



6th-grade students received
trauma screenings.



individuals had health insurance that provided
access to high-quality health care.

In 2021, we are investing $5,692,029 in 20 programs at 18 nonprofit partners.

Shifting our Focus, Deepening our Impact

At United Way of Dane County, we know that Wisconsin leads the U.S. in racial disparities that exist within our healthcare systems – and we don’t take that lightly. So, in an effort to deepen our impact and specifically serve populations who experience poor health outcomes due to these long-standing inequities, we’ve pivoted our strategies within our health portfolio.
This evolution in strategy allows us to focus on issues that affect people at all stages of life who otherwise are not getting the care they need and deserve. With that in mind, we have replaced our existing health priorities with two new goals, beginning in the 2022-23 funding cycle:

• Reduce racial health disparities in Dane County

• Increase Resiliency and Trauma Supports for Dane County Residents

Our vision is that, over time, we will see Dane County’s health disparities reduced. We’ll accomplish this by working together with our partners to ensure an equitable, affordable, accessible and culturally-safe healthcare experience for all.


Increase culturally relevant, reflective and safe wellness models and programs defined and/or led by BIPOC neighbors (including Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Southeast Asian and people of color).

Increase capacity in communities to address health disparities for BIPOC communities.

Increase community-based health programs that address BIPOC communities.

Increase community-based maternal child health programming for BIPOC communities.

Increase culturally-safe and responsive trauma and resiliency programs for BIPOC communities.

Embed culture brokers into care teams for individuals and families in BIPOC communities disengaged from mental health supports due to racism, power dynamics and distrust.

Connect RX Wisconsin

Connect Rx Wisconsin is a Dane County Health Council (DCHC) care coordination initiative designed to build health equity by addressing the social and economic needs of Dane County families and reducing racial disparities in birth outcomes. On behalf of DCHC, United Way of Dane County served as the lead applicant for this initiative to Schmidt Futures’ Alliance for the American Dream, a national competition focused on building the middle class. Over the course of a year of collaboration with our community partners, we developed multiple proposals, materials and pitch presentations as we advanced through several rounds of competition. Our multi-sector team was awarded the $1million grand prize, surpassing hundreds of other applicants around the country.

Public Policy Priorities

Protect and improve access to affordable, high-quality health care to ensure people’s health issues are identified and treated early.

Ensure basic nutritional programs are available to vulnerable populations.

Support the provision of culturally competent and linguistically responsive care.

 Are you passionate about building a Dane County absent of Racial Health Disparities?

For more information, please contact Gabe Doyle at  •  (608) 246-4379

United Way of Dane County Invests in Health Programs at These Agencies

Access Community Health Centers
Access to Independence, Inc.
ARC Community Services, Inc.
Canopy Center, Inc.
Catholic Charities, Inc., Diocese of Madison
Centro Hispano, Inc.
East Madison Community Center, Inc.
Jewish Social Services of Madison, Inc.
Journey Mental Health Center, Inc.
NewBridge Madison, Inc.
Pharmacy Society of WI
Safe Communities of Madison-Dane County
SSM Health at Home
The Hmong Institute Inc.
The Rainbow Project, Inc.
Triangle Community Ministry, Inc.
Urban Triage, Inc.
Vera Court Neighborhood Center, Inc.
Vivent Health