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The United Way Foundation exists to support United Way’s mission of improving lives and strengthening Dane County. The legal name is United Way of Dane County Foundation, Inc. The Foundation’s EIN is 39-1763471.

Our community is dynamic. The Foundation provides a long-term base of support and the flexibility to strengthen our community as it changes. Through the Foundation, individuals and families can leave a lasting legacy of caring.

The Foundation is helping us achieve the critical goals identified by the community as the Agenda for Change. Every year, it contributes to the resources United Way mobilizes to strengthen our community and increases their impact. By investing in the Foundation today, you help tackle the root causes of problems in perpetuity. The principal of your gifts will be maintained while the income is used to create real results, today and tomorrow.

There are many ways to contribute to the United Way Foundation, including:

  • Cash Donation – The simplest way to support the Foundation is with a gift of cash. Many donors choose to make gifts to honor or memorialize a caring community member.
  • Establishment of a Named Fund – By contributing $5,000, either with one outright gift or a multi-year pledge, a permanently named fund can be established. This allows the donor to make an annual gift to United Way or support an area of interest.
  • Gifts of Appreciated Securities – Depending on the circumstances, gifts of appreciated stocks, bonds or other securities held in excess of one year are often very tax-wise and allow donors to give generously to United Way.
  • Gifts Through a Donor’s Will – Testamentary gifts allow a donor to bequest a percentage of an estate, bequest a specific gift amount or bequest a residuary estate. The legal name to use in these documents is United Way of Dane County Foundation, Inc.
  • Retirement Funds, Life Insurance and Bank Accounts – Naming the United Way Foundation as a beneficiary is a generous way to make a legacy gift “outside” of a will.
  • Charitable Gift Annuities – Donors receive annual payments through the investment of these irrevocable gifts. Upon the donor’s death, the remainder of the gift goes to the Foundation.



Kristi Shepard
Senior Director, Foundation & Gift Planning
(608) 246-4399