For Capital Fundraisers

Capital Fund Raising Committee

United Way leads the Capital Fund Raising Committee, which coordinates local capital campaigns. As a benefit to both non-profits and businesses, the Committee helps assure that a large number of campaigns are not competing with one another; this increases each campaign’s chance for success.

Capital campaigns are defined as those that raise funds for ‘brick and mortar’ projects to purchase, build, or renovate a building, where the Dane County business portion of the campaign exceeds $100,000. Campaigns for equipment or endowments, even those to fund operations in new space, are not included.


Capital campaigns are defined as those that raise funds for ‘brick and mortar’ projects to purchase, build, or renovate a building, where the Dane County business portion of the campaign exceeds $100,000. Campaigns for equipment or endowments, even those to fund operations in new space, are not included.

The Capital Fund Raising Committee (CFRC) serves the Dane County, Wisconsin, business community through a collaboration between the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce and United Way of Dane County. Its primary purpose is to review the plans for capital campaigns of non-profit organizations that intend to seek support from the business community, and provide information so that each business executive can make an educated decision about supporting the campaign that is in the best interest of his or her business. All decisions regarding financial support of capital campaigns rest solely with the businesses and companies considering the requests.

The CFRC review process provides a way to bring order to the large number of campaigns that are underway or being planned. Here’s how it works:

The CFRC review process also provides assistance to non-profit organizations to help assure the success of their capital campaigns. The Committee is supported by a Staff Team which consists of representatives of the City, County, United Way of Dane County and Madison Community Foundation.

*NOTE: Any private, non-profit organization that plans to ask Dane County businesses/corporations for funding for a capital campaign must go through the CFRC process in order to successfully open the doors to these potential donors. Organizations that contact businesses without having done so are typically referred back through this process before any request will be considered.

Projects connected with the public sector in a significant way such as public libraries, aquatic centers, the University of Wisconsin, Monona Terrace, etc. fall outside of the Committee’s purview. These organizations are encouraged to complete the CFRC review process as an opportunity to assure fund raising plans are sound and known to the Dane County business community.

Getting Started – Contact the Staff Team

Staff Team

  • Martha Cranley (Lead Staff)
    United Way of Dane County
    (608) 246-4353
  • Mike Miller
    City of Madison, Planning Department
    (608) 266-6520

What is the role of the Staff Team?

The Capital Fund Raising Committee has delegated certain review procedures to the Staff Team. This is to ensure that decisions about capital campaigns are made in the context of an assessment of the need and long-term support for the services delivered by the organization. The Staff Team reviews all capital campaign requests, identifies issues, shares and discusses them with the respective organizations and passes them on to the Committee.

The Staff Team will also provide feedback that helps organizations assess their readiness and time frame for a capital campaign.

How do I connect with the Capital Fund Raising Committee?

The Staff Team meets the first month of every quarter – January, April, July and October. Organizations generally meet with the Staff Team at least twice before their campaign is ready to launch but may meet with the Staff Team as many times as needed. Be sure your campaign planning timeline accommodates these meetings. One meeting is not enough!

Non-profits that are seriously considering a capital campaign should get on the Staff Team’s meeting agenda early on in the planning process. Contact Bill Monkemeyer at United Way of Dane County, (608) 246-4351 for scheduling. The initial meeting is for preliminary discussion of capital campaign plans and the CFRC review process.

Meanwhile, check out this self-help tool and other resource material available on this website to see how ready you are for a capital campaign.

Committee and Process Information

Committee Membership

  • Steven A. Goldberg, Capital Fund Raising Committee Chairman
    CUNA Mutual Group
  • Rick Fetherston
    American Family Mutual Insurance
  • Renee Moe
    United Way of Dane County
  • John Larson
    National Guardian Life Insurance Co.
  • Harold Mayer
    Oscar Mayer Foods
  • Delora Newton
    Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce
  • Gerald Ring (Gerry)
    Park Towne Development Corporation
  • Jerald Jenson
    Board Representative – Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce
  • Peter Vogel
    Vogel Bros. Building Company


What does the Committee do?

The CFRC meets the second month of each quarter – February, May, August, and November. A Staff Team presents recommendations about campaigns requesting approval for business solicitation. All decisions are made by the Committee at that time.

Review of campaigns is based on the following criteria:

  1. How the project contributes to the overall quality of life in the community. The long-term strategies of the community’s major funders (City, County, United Way) are taken into consideration.
  2. The likelihood of the campaign to be successful – to meet the goal set.
  3. How the project will impact the long-term stability of the organization.
  4. Whether the project serves Dane County exclusively or a broader geographic constituency.

Following review, the Committee makes a decision about the campaign:

  1. Approve the campaign and schedule it.
  2. Disapprove the campaign and send it back to the Staff Team for additional review and clarification. The campaign may be reconsidered at a future meeting once the Committee’s concerns have been addressed.
  3. Not within the purview of the committee Information about these campaigns is included in the “For Information Only” section of the newsletter without approval and scheduling by the CFRC. This applies to projects connected with the public sector in a significant way; state-wide or multi-county capital campaigns; or those so narrowly focused to a particular constituency that a broad campaign is not appropriate.

If a campaign is approved:

  1. The organization is assigned a five-month time period during which contacts with the business community may be initiated. Standard time frames are November 1 – March 31, and March 1 – July 31.
  2. The organization will be given a letter to be used when setting up appointments to talk to businesses about contributions. Businesses are strongly encouraged not to meet with organizations that have not gone through the CFRC process.
  3. Information about campaigns is printed in the Newsletter.

The CFRC process honors the United Way’s limitations on agencies’ fundraising activities between August 15 – November 1 for all campaigns. During this time, no corporate/business solicitations may take place, including follow-up on previous contacts. Solicitation of private, non-corporate foundations and individuals – as well as any contacts outside of Dane County — may take place at any time.
For United Way agencies, the Fundraising Guidelines also apply. Contact Martha Cranley ( for further information.

Will we need to meet with the Committee?

Generally speaking, you will not need to meet with the CFRC. On occasion a presentation may be requested at the discretion of the CFRC Chair. You may be asked to identify a representative of your organization who can be available by telephone in case there are questions.

Current Campaign Calendar

(Approved Campaigns Only)
Operation Fresh Start X X X X X
Briarpatch Youth Services (formerly Youth Services of Southern Wisconsin) X X X X
Creative Learning Preschool and Child Care Center X X X X X
Habitat for Humanity X X X X
Housing Initiatives X X X X
Literacy Network # X X X X X
Madison-Area Urban Ministry (MUM) # X X X X

# Approximately 50% of the campaign total is for expanded programming and operations


Organization Goal Funds Raised To Date Goal From Dane County Businesses Funds Raised To Date From Dane County Businesses
Approved Local Campaigns*
Operation Fresh Start $4,500,000 $1,242,330 $650,000 $209,850
Briarpatch Youth Services $3,100,000 $1,200,000 $300,000 $84,135
Creative Learning Preschool Capital $535,000 $52,031 $100,000 $0
Habitat for Humanity $1,750,000 $541,380 $437,500 $292,930
Housing Initiatives $2,000,000 $600,000 $500,000 $20,000
Literacy Network# $3,000,000 $563,668 $300,000 $98,000
Madison-Area Urban Ministry (MUM) # $852,000 $215,000 $125,000 $12,000
SUBTOTAL $15,737,000 $4,414,409 $2,412,500 $716,915
Campaigns Listed for Information Only**
None N/A N/A N/A N/A
Potential Campaigns***
West Madison Little League $2,000,000 $327,198 $500,000 $51,088
SUBTOTAL $2,000,000 $327,198 500,000 $51,088
ALL CATEGORIES TOTAL $17,737,000 $4,741,607 $2,912,500 $768,003

Note: #Approximately 50% of the campaign total is for expanded programming and operations.


Organization Campaign Goal Funds Raised To Date Left to Raise Campaign Began Campaign Ended?
Independent Living $2,000,000 $950,795 $1,049,205 2012 N
Middleton Outreach Ministry $1,800,000 $1,072,294 $727,706 2014 N
Porchlight $4,000,000 $3,230,985 $769,015 2014 N
TOTAL $7,800,000 $5,254,074 $2,545,926

*Vetted by the CapFunds Committee with an approved window of time to approach the business community for support.
**Did not utilize the CapFunds Process, for informational purposes only.
***In the planning stage have not yet formally approached the CapFunds Committee for approval.
For more information contact Martha Cranley at or call (608) 246-4353.