Resources for building a better nonprofit

Upcoming trainings:

Friday, July 13, 8am-9am Coffee With Colleagues

United Way of Dane County partners with agencies for community convening, to strengthen local nonprofits to achieve measurable results and change lives. Offering nonprofit capacity building is an important tool we offer to strengthen local nonprofits to strategically affect outcomes.

We mainly focus our capacity building trainings in two areas – board development and volunteer engagement management. Other programs are periodically offered in conjunction with other local partners.

We hope you find these resources to be of value in your work with your nonprofit organization.

Board Development

Nonprofit boards are tasked with making the governing decisions for the organization. As a result, recruiting board members with a diversity of skills and experience, as well as passion and commitment to your mission is vital. In addition to finding strong candidates for your board, you will need to orient them to your agency and provide training so they understand the roles and responsibilities of their position.

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Volunteer Management

Volunteers fundamentally increase our ability to achieve our objectives and advance the social mission of our organizations. Engaging volunteers effectively not only help an organization serve more people in the community but also change the core economics of an organization. With volunteers, organizations can quickly scale programs and services in a cost effective way.

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