Community Assessment

United Way of Dane County relies on a variety of sources to understand the scope and dimension of issues that must be addressed in order to successfully achieve our Agenda for Change outcomes. For over 25 years we have joined in partnership with the City of Madison, Dane County, and the Madison Metropolitan School District to gather information about the state of our community and share our actions to address identified concerns.

Technology provides ready access to this information as well as state and national sources that enhance our understanding of the issues. This website provides links to community assessment and data collection efforts relevant to Dane County, WI.

  • Data and reports from 2000 through the present are included.
  • Some sections also include website links to organizations that produce additional data and educational information about particular topics (trade associations are not included).

General demographic information is provided in the Dane County Overview section. Other resources are linked through the Agenda for Change items.

  • If you know of additional information that should be included in these listings, contact Sandy Erickson at United Way,