United Way of Dane County Presents Dane Changers!


Play 2 ways- Mobile or Desktop

United Way of Dane County is bringing greater understanding and reflection of Dane County’s most critical issues through an immersive digital experience.

“Dane Changers” is a turn-based, educational game where players “spend resources” through giving, advocating and volunteering to improve the lives of families in Dane County.

Offering both “relaxed” play and a “timed challenge” – Dane Changers offers an inside scoop on community-wide issues and lets you take control. How will you create community-wide wellness?

Dane County is often named one of the best places to live in the U.S., but did you know that incredible disparities exist across the community?

64,000 men, women and children live in poverty and many more are living pay check to pay check. United Way’s goal is to make Dane County a great place to live, for all. By playing “Dane Changers” you will see first hand some of the issues facing the residents of Dane County and you will be moved to action – answering key questions, making choices, spending “resources” and ultimately creating community-wide wellness.

Dane Changers is co-presented by TASC and 11 of your local Community Banks with additional sponsorship is provided by Alliant Energy, Madison College, and MG&E. United Way of Dane County also partnered with local game developer, Acme Nerd Games.

As you enter the virtual world of Dane County by choosing a town, city or suburb, you will notice recognizable buildings, engage with different residents, and take action based on short term to long term impact. You will also receive resources by answering key questions about United Way!

We want everyone to experience Dane Changers – download and play today!

About United Way of Dane County

At United Way we fight for the education, financial stability and health of everyone in Dane County. We hope you learn about the needs of our community and all the things that we as residents can do to make a difference locally. You can take these same actions every day!

Take a look below at options to get involved by either giving, advocating or volunteering for a better Dane County, for all. Fighting for our community is something everyone can be a part of – join this important fight today!

Thank you to our partners for making this possible

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and your local community banks:
Capitol Bank
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Additional support provided by Madison Gas and Electric