Capital campaigns are defined as those that raise funds for ‘brick and mortar’ projects to purchase, build, or renovate a building, where the Dane County business portion of the campaign exceeds $100,000. Campaigns for equipment or endowments, even those to fund operations in new space, are not included.

The Capital Fund Raising Committee (CFRC) serves the Dane County, Wisconsin, business community through a collaboration between the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce and United Way of Dane County. Its primary purpose is to review the plans for capital campaigns of non-profit organizations that intend to seek support from the business community, and provide information so that each business executive can make an educated decision about supporting the campaign that is in the best interest of his or her business. All decisions regarding financial support of capital campaigns rest solely with the businesses and companies considering the requests.

The CFRC review process provides a way to bring order to the large number of campaigns that are underway or being planned. Here’s how it works:


The CFRC review process also provides assistance to non-profit organizations to help assure the success of their capital campaigns. The Committee is supported by a Staff Team which consists of representatives of the City, County, United Way of Dane County and Madison Community Foundation. (See Staff Team)


*NOTE: Any private, non-profit organization that plans to ask Dane County businesses/corporations for funding for a capital campaign must go through the CFRC process in order to successfully open the doors to these potential donors. Organizations that contact businesses without having done so are typically referred back through this process before any request will be considered.


Projects connected with the public sector in a significant way such as public libraries, aquatic centers, the University of Wisconsin, Monona Terrace, etc. fall outside of the Committee’s purview. These organizations are encouraged to complete the CFRC review process as an opportunity to assure fund raising plans are sound and known to the Dane County business community.