People’s health issues are identified and treated early

United Way of Dane County is committed to assuring that low-income and uninsured members of our community have access to affordable quality primary, dental, and behavioral health care. This agenda is based in the wide body of research that shows that when health issues are identified and treated early, people are likely to respond more quickly to treatment, avoid hospitalizations and greater pain, and have better outcomes. Children and families are our primary focus. This work supports our community’s goals of increasing kindergarten readiness and high school graduation rates by intervening early with developmental, behavioral/mental health or other health problems that interfere with a student’s ability to learn.

Why it Matters:

About 20% of Dane County adolescents experience one or more mental health concerns that interfere with their ability to learn. Nearly two-thirds of these students do not receive mental health services.

People without health insurance are less likely to seek preventive care and often go without treatment for serious medical conditions. Delaying care results in higher costs and can make problems more difficult to treat.

What we will achieve:

  • Increase the graduation rate in Dane County from 91.4% to 95% by 2020.
  • 80% of 4 year olds will be at age-expected development and ready to begin school by 2020.


  • FACE Kids program — United Way, schools, and community partners are helping students with behavioral health needs through the FACE Kids program. FACE Kids provides school-based group services to Dane County children and youth with a wide range of behavioral health needs. Topics covered include anxiety, depression, grief and loss, self-esteem, and anger management.
  • Children’s Dental Care — Dental pain is one of the top reasons children miss school. United Way invests in programs such as the Celebrate Smiles program that provides school-baed screening and dental care to more than 2,800 low-income elementary students.
  • HealthConnect — HealthConnect, a United Way of Dane County program, will pay your cost of the monthly insurance if you choose a Silver Level plan. To be eligible, you must live in Dane County, and have an annual income between 100-150% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). In 2016, United Way’s HealthConnect program managed total premium payments of nearly $1 million that provided health insurance for nearly 1,000 low income households.