Below are United Way of Dane County’s community-built Agenda for Change Mobilization Plans. These are research paper/business plans that define the scope and scale of human issues in our community, provide a community-wide goal and measures, and articulate strategies to make positive change.

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Mobilization plans provide focus for financial investments, strengthening the non-profit sector, and ensuring measurable results for philanthropic and volunteer investments, and are available for the entire community to use as they do good in Dane County. Through the Agenda for Change, United Way aims to increase economic stability and decrease racial disparity for local families in poverty, and these community-built plans provide the framework for doing so.

United Way convenes stakeholders to refresh plans every five years to meet changing demands of our community, and integrate learning and new data. Progress and results are provided on an on-going and annual basis, through United Way’s annual report, an annual progress summary, “Mobilization Plan to Action” reports, impact reports, and in monthly newsletters, media reports, social media, and events.

Turning these plans into Action is made possible through the generosity of Dane County businesses and private foundations, tens of thousands of community residents who give, advocate and volunteer, and collaborative cross-sector partnerships. Community volunteers make strategic funding investments into effective non-profit programs aligned with these community change goals and strategies; all investments are contracted with results metrics and reporting agreements.

United Way exists by the community, for the community. Because of the community-built nature of these plans, we believe the Agenda for Change is the community’s Agenda, that these Mobilization Plans are the community’s goals and plans, and hope all are inspired to join the fight for education, financial stability including housing, and health for all.

Agenda for Change Mobilization Plan

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Agenda for Change Mobilization Plan Progress and Results

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