2018 Community Engagement Capacity-Building Team (CE CBT)

Investment Proposal

The United Way Community Engagement Capacity-Building Team (CE CBT) is pleased to announce the availability of $9,000 for nonprofit and grassroots organizations or groups to further their impact, outreach and capacity in areas focusing on social justice, community organizing, equity, and with an emphasis on reaching out to communities of color and low-income communities.
Investments are being made available by United Way of Dane County.

Investment Information and Timeline

Application Deadline: EXTENDED UNTIL SEPTEMBER 13th
Maximum Grant Awarded: Up to $3,000 This will be a one-time Investment. (Note: If you received funding through the CE CBT in the past, a proposal must be submitted each year for you to be considered for funding.)

RFP released
August 6 2018
Proposals due to United Way
September 13
Notification if proposals meet criteria and will be reviewed by CE CBT
September 17
Organizations notified if they are being forwarded to the second round and, if so, scheduled to present to
the CE CBT
October 1
In-person presentations to CE CBT (required for organizations that are in the second round of funding consideration). Each organization will have approximately 15 to 20 minutes to present to the CE CBT.
October 8, 5:00pm-8:00pm
CE CBT recommendations to United Way Board of Directors
October 23
Grants announced by email
October 24
25% of funds will be released upon receipt of investment agreements October 24-November 16
The remaining funds will be released upon receipt of the two month mid-project report
(per the investment agreement).
Funds must be spent
April 30, 2019
Project end report and presentation to CE CBT on use and impact of investment
May 31, 2019

United Way Micro Investment Application 2018

Who can apply:

Nonprofits, faith groups, community-based organizations, neighborhood groups, etc. that are working on the focus areas identified above.

Please note that applications will NOT be considered if:

  • an organization is currently funded by United Way (however, United Way partner agencies may serve as fiscal agent to another organization)
  • the organization’s budget is over $50,000.
  • applicant is an individual – only organizations will be considered for funding.
  • the organization has been funded through this process for two consecutive years. A third consecutive application will not be considered, but after a year the organization may resubmit a proposal.
  • Past fund funding is no guarantee of continued funding.

How to Apply

There are two ways to submit an application.

  1. You can click this link to fill out an online form in Google Forms.
    • You will not be able to save as you go so this whole form will need to be completed online. Please have your budget and the information for your project’s main contact person and fiscal agent (if applicable) when you begin to complete the form.
    • You will be asked to submit a budget for your project. You can download a sample budget document here. You will need to enter your information, save the document and upload to the Google form. Or you can upload a budget document of your own format. Both an organizational budget and a project budget will be required.


  2. You can click this link to download a fillable form which you will need to save, and upload as an attachment to an email and send to microinvestmentgrant@uwdc.org.
    • This form can be saved as a draft and added to at different times, and includes the project budget document, which does not need to be downloaded separately.
    • You need to submit an organizational budget in addition to the project budget. You can use the sample budget document here, or attach a document of your own format to the email in addition to your proposal document.

When you submit an application for a micro investment, please immediately add microinvestmentgrant@uwdc.org to your email contact list or address book, so communications from this address do not go to Junk Mail or SPAM folder. Your primary contact person listed in your proposal for responding to questions about your proposal in a timely fashion.

If you need technical assistance completing your application, you can call (608) 246-4380 and make an appointment to use a computer at the United Way and have a staff member guide you through the process of downloading, attaching, and uploading files.

The United Way Community Engagement Capacity-Building Team is a committee of United Way to:

  • engage diverse individuals, who may not typically have opportunity or means, to gain leadership skills, build their confidence, and make connections to provide their voice in services provided by the community.
  • involve the community in the most diverse sense to better understand its needs and how we can create a public will for change.
  • engage communities in ways they can contribute to the common good, create results, and meet their philanthropic and human resource goals.
  • demonstrate, report, and celebrate the impact volunteers make on our community.

Definition of terms

Social Justice: a process and a goal toward full and equal participation of all groups in a society that is mutually shaped to their needs; it includes a vision of a society that is equitable and all members are physically and psychologically safe and secure.

Equity: resources dispensed based on meeting the needs of every individual.

Community organizing: process where people who live in proximity to each other come together into an organization that acts in their shared self-interest.

Members of the Community Engagement Capacity-Building Team (CE CBT)

Everett Mitchell – Chair
Nolan Brown – Co-Chair
Allison Cooley
Carmen Porco
Claude Gilmore
Gene Dalhoff
Hedi Rudd
Janice Hughes
Kristin Dewey
Linda Ketcham
Mario Garcia-Sierra
Rev. Erica Liu
Kathy Martinson – Staff
Senior Director, Corporate & Community Engagemen
United Way of Dane County
(608) 246-4356