Volunteer Resource Management Database

Overview of the Volunteer Resource Management Database

The Volunteer Resource Management Database was designed as part of a community outreach project sponsored by CUNA Mutual Group. Originally built for use by one specific community center, the simplicity and user-friendly nature of the database led to the request of the development of a generic version that can – with some managing by anyone with skill in (or a willingness to learn) Microsoft Access and basic Relational Database Management – be implemented for any organization with a need for a Volunteer Resource Management system.
The purpose of this database is to provide nonprofit organizations with an easy-to-use, customizable program for use in managing volunteer information, with a focus on volunteer work hours.

Technical Overview

The database is designed to perform the following functions:

  • Allow the user to input new volunteers into the database
  • Allow the user to edit existing volunteer information
  • Allow the user to input or edit program and sub-program information
  • Allow the user to input work records into the database
  • Produce standard reports that provide required information (per United Way of Dane County’s reporting requirements)
  • Provide functionality that allows the user to design and run custom reports.


Technical Requirements for Installing and Using the VRM-DB

The initial version of this solution is designed to be a single-user Microsoft Access database that produces Access files as output. These files can either exist as standalone reports, or be exported into Microsoft Excel for further analysis.
The database should be stored on the client’s server, and accessed via a client’s machine. (Note: The database can be accessed by multiple machines connected to the server, but not at the same time.) This solution is designed for use with MS Access 2007 and above. The computer will need access to the server and a minimum processing power of 500MHz CPU with a absolutely no less than 256MB RAM to run MS Office 2007. (However, a 1.4GHz processor and a minimum of 512MB of RAM are recommended to avoid performance issues.)
Future planned iterations of this database will take advantage of Microsoft’s new Microsoft 365 for NonProfits program. Use of the new cloud-based set up and free SharePoint intranet site functionality to host Web Form versions of MS Access Forms will make it easy for volunteer users to enter data into the database without ever having to access the full database. This functionality will also make it possible for multiple users to be accessing the database at the same time.
For more information on the different levels of Microsoft 365 available to NonProfit organizations at no cost, please visit the Compare Programs page of Microsoft’s website. For information on how to determine whether your organization is eligible for a software donation, or to apply, please visit Microsoft’s Corporate Citizenship page.
To download/view the files, click here.