What is READI?

READI (Retired Employees Are Dedicated Individuals) was founded in 1993 by retiring Oscar Mayer employees who wanted to make a difference in the community and still work and socialize with fellow employees. READI is now part of United Way of Dane County and is open to all retirees in Dane County.

READI’s mission is to enrich the quality of life in local communities through retiree volunteer involvement, build quality relationships within our communities and to provide retirees an opportunity for camaraderie.
READI’s objectives are to help our Dane County neighbors in need, serve our community, leverage in-kind support, and to socialize with our fellow volunteers.
Over the years, READI volunteers have contributed over 5,000 hours on approximately 50 projects each year (over 125,000 total hours in 20 years).
READI currently has over 260 members.

Volunteer opportunities

READI volunteers monthly participate at the Second Harvest and Saint Vincent de Paul food pantries. READI volunteers also participate at onetime events such as Berbee Derby, Race for the Cure, Brat Fest, IRONMAN and Light the Night; among others.
There are project opportunities for everyone regardless of physical restraints, age or work experience. Activities include: Mass mailings, Prairie burning and seed planting for Dane County Parks, Stuff and hand out bags for various run/walks, Receive food donations for various runs/walks, Golf outings raising money for charity; among others.

Are you READI to volunteer?

We hope you will join us as a volunteer and share your time and talents, develop new skills, and meet new people while serving the community. Sign up as a READI Volunteer today by sending an email to READI@uwdc.org or call at 246-4350 extension 6550. You will receive monthly newsletters and a calendar about volunteer opportunities for all skill levels.
Visit us at facebook.com/readimadison

Download the READI brochure HERE
To contact the group, email us at READI@uwdc.org or call (608) 246-4350 extension 6550.