Our Purpose: United Way’s Business Volunteer Network (BVN) provides businesses with education, resources and networks to further their workplace volunteer programs.

Workplace volunteering is something we champion. It’s not just one day of service at a local charity for a few hours. It’s about doing good for others, and making that belief a way of life that reflects our own personal values. For BVN members, our organization is about driving, leading and supporting business volunteering in Dane County. Help us achieve a Dane County where every workplace promotes volunteer engagement in our community.

Membership Benefits

  • Build leadership skills and professional development
  • Connect with other business leaders and share volunteer program experience and opportunities
  • Foster organizational engagement, company loyalty and personal fulfillment
  • Learn about community service agencies and their needs for volunteers
  • Easily connect with exciting volunteer opportunities for your employees
  • Be part of a growing network of community-minded local companies
  • Start, grow, or enhance your workplace volunteer program by accessing a wide variety of materials
  • Retain and recruit top talent. Employees want to work for companies who are engaged in the community.

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