Community Voices

United Way’s Community Voices Training (Community Voices) is a free professional development opportunity designed to assist staff, volunteers, and clients of United Way and United Way’s partner organizations in becoming more effective speakers, presenters, and storytellers. The ultimate goal of this training opportunity is to strengthen the voices and presentation skills of champions and advocates of our collective work, as reflected by our community’s Agenda for Change.

Upon completion of this annual training, Community Voices Speakers are invited to join teams made up of United Way staff and loaned executives that plan and facilitate rallies in support of United Way’s annual fundraising campaign. Sign up below to participate this year!

Benefits of Community Voices Training
Community Voices Training is open to staff, volunteers, and clients of United Way partner organizations, and includes a Story Telling Workshop, which helps individuals:

  • become stronger public speakers.
  • understand and share information regarding challenges experienced by our most vulnerable neighbors.
  • share success stories regarding individuals and families that receive support from the services offered through United Way partner organizations.
  • understand how the missions and visions of United Way partner organizations intersect with and support our community’s Agenda for Change.
  • share the impact of our collective efforts to address challenges through our collaborative pursuit of goals documented in our community’s Agenda for Change.
  • support our vision of a Dane County where everyone can succeed in school, work and life.