Events Calendar

Here are just a few of the events we have scheduled for 2017!

Engage with the community, expand your network, volunteer and create positive energy by attending a United Way event! Most events are free and open to the public.

Coming up:

June 10: Rosenberry Society Berry Bash at the Pyle Center, 7:00 pm


May 30: Nonprofits: Meeting Today’s Challenges Session 11, 5:00 pm


June 2: Enterprising Nonprofits at The Madison Concourse Hotel and Governor’s Club, 8:00 am
June 6: Breakfast with Champions Session 3, 7:30 am
June 9: READI Launch at American Family Insurance, 8:30 am
June 10: Rosenberry Society Berry Bash at the Pyle Center, 7:00 pm
June 13: Loyal Contributor Party at Anderson United Way Center, 4:00 pm
June 21: Day of Action
June 21: LINC Face It! Headshots Matter at DreamBank – American Family Insurance
June 28: Women’s Leadership Mixer and Concerts on the Square at Murphy Desmond SC, 5:30 pm


July 5: Rosenberry Society Berry Mixer at Fresco, 5:30 pm
July 21: Women’s Leadership Breakfast and Woman of the Year Philanthropy Award at Overture Center for the Arts, 7:30 am


August 2: Rosenberry Society Berry Mixer at Waypoint, 5:30 pm
August 8: Tocqueville Summer Conversation at Goodman Community Center, 12:00 pm
August 9: Rosenberry Society CEO Roundtable with Damond Boatwright, Regional President of Hospital Operations of SSM Health, 7:30 am
August 22: Campaign Kickoff at Mallards Duck Pond, 4:00 pm


September 6: Rosenberry Society Berry Mixer at Cento, 5:30 pm
September 14: Tocqueville Membership Reception at Olbrich Botanical Gardens, 6:00 pm
September 28: Key Club Key Talk


October 3: Breakfast with Champions Session 4, 7:30 am
October 4: Rosenberry Society Berry Mixer at Field Table, 5:30 pm
October 20: Rosenberry Society Annual Mystery Tour, 5:30 pm


November 1: Rosenberry Society Berry Mixer at Madison’s, 5:30 pm
November 16: Community Celebration at Monona Terrace, 4:30 pm


December 6: Rosenberry Society Annual Holiday Party and Berry Mixer, 5:30 pm