Corporate Engagement

Volunteer with United Way

United Way of Dane County offers team building for your organization through volunteerism. We provide a holistic understanding of our community’s needs, how United Way joins with agency partners to address them and how your volunteer work creates a positive impact in Dane County.

United Way of Dane County is dedicated to serving our community during the Coronavirus pandemic. While the particulars of the COVID-19 pandemic are unprecedented, the needs of our most vulnerable neighbors are at the forefront of our work 24/7, 365 days a year.

There are three ways to volunteer with us!

Choose from our menu of ways to educate and engage your employees and help support our neighbors. We offer on-site engagements for small groups (following public health guidelines), at-home kits for your employees and virtual engagement opportunities. We provide all the supplies, lead you through the engagement and distribute the products you’ve created to agency partners.

The Business Volunteer Network provides businesses with education, resources and networks to further their workplace volunteer programs and is focused on driving, leading and supporting business volunteering in Dane County.

Search for volunteer opportunities that match your interests, availability and location.

Join LINC – connect with other volunteer-minded community members and a difference through volunteerism.

Benefits of Employee Volunteerism

United Way of Dane County transforms corporate social responsibility (CSR) best practices into activities and innovations that benefit your company.
Employee volunteerism activities at your company site, in the community and with digital support. You bring employee volunteers and we combine your talent with our specialization in CSR.
Together with your company, the community benefits by ensuring impactful employee volunteer activities. Our specialization and network ensures that your employee volunteers use their time and talent for long-term community change.

Loan or Sponsor an employee to be a “Loaned Executive”

Each year, United Way of Dane County depends on the support of community-minded and generous local organizations to provide or sponsor Loaned Executives (LEs). In collaboration with these local organizations, United Way is able to deploy these dedicated and talented LEs into approximately 1,000 of Dane County’s organizations during the 17-week United Way campaign.

“Loan” – In addition to demonstrating commitment to the community, investing in the Loaned Executive program by loaning an employee provides a high return to your organization. Organizations receive recognition and visibility for their contribution to the community. Additionally, loaned employees return with exemplary professional and personal development. Learn more here.

“Sponsor” – Sponsor a Loaned Executive from the general community. Your sponsorship allows United Way to hire a Loaned Executive and provides their salary during the annual campaign. Learn more here.

Engage an Employee Campaign Manager

The Employee Campaign Manager brings United Way to life in your organization. This natural leader’s role will be to plan, implement and lead the campaign at your workplace. With the help of United Way staff and a strong workplace campaign team, he/she will be able to run a fun and successful campaign.