Sun Prairie Disaster Relief Fund

Application for Financial Assistance
Due Date: Friday, August 17, 5:00 pm

Thanks to the generosity of our community, there are funds available to help Sun Prairie residents and businesses affected by the July 10 downtown explosion. Impacted residents, business owners/operators, and individuals who worked within a half mile of North Bristol and Main Street may be eligible for a distribution from the fund.

This is the first round of several anticipated application processes to request financial assistance from the Sun Prairie Disaster Fund to help with recovery from unanticipated losses caused by the July 10 event. Other funding opportunities will be determined as resources allow.

  • Impacted residents who live within a half mile of North Bristol and Main Streets should directly contact SUNSHINE PLACE for assistance
  • Business owners/operators or employees who worked in the impact zone should use this form to request assistance. Funds may be used for:
    • Business cleanup, deductible reimbursement, or anything not covered by insurance with the exception of lost income.
    • New work clothes, replacement of items lost at the work site, etc.