Guía de Recursos

The Spanish language publication Key Resource Guide for the Latino Community (Guía de Recursos Claves para la Comunidad Latina) has been an ongoing project since 2008. It was created by the leadership of the Latino Support Network and is updated approximately every four years. This guide provides general information about services available in Madison and Dane county for the Spanish speaking community. It includes information about medical services, immigrants’ rights, emergency planning and other useful social services. Through this resource, individuals are encouraged to call 2-1-1 if they have questions regarding any of the listed resources or if any of the information is out of date.

The newest edition was created December of 2016 in partnership with United Way of Dane County and 2-1-1. With the support of United Way of Dane County 1,000 new copies were printed and distributed to resource centers in the Latino community where they will be passed onto families and individuals.

Download Guía de Recursos