Discounts for Prescription Medication

Nearly 1,000 United Ways across the country – including United Way of Dane County – are partnering with FamilyWize to distribute FREE prescription savings cards that offer a savings of about 40% ($20) per prescription.

Another way to make health care more affordable is to minimize the out-of-pocket costs for medicine. Prescription benefits vary based on insurance plans. There are a variety of reasons why some people will not be eligible for health insurance or able to afford it. And even with health insurance, coverage for some medications will be limited or financially out of reach.

If you have to pay out of pocket, the FamilyWize prescription discount card could help to lower medication costs.

The cards can be used by anyone. There is no fee, registration, activation or paperwork that needs to be done. It covers all FDA-approved drugs. Simply present the card at pharmacies in Dane County (or one of the 60,000 participating pharmacies across the country) and the discount will be applied automatically.*

We suggest that you carry a FamilyWize card as backup and always ask the pharmacy to compare prices in order to get the most affordable medications.

*How does it work? The discount is, essentially, the difference in price between the lower costs negotiated by insurance providers and what a consumer would pay over the counter. This program is funded through part of the dispensing fee that is included in the cost of medicines when a FamilyWize card is used to save money, and by in-kind donations and reduced costs from the program sponsors.