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The HIRE Initiative is made up of many organizations in Dane County who are working together to help people find jobs. HIRE also helps people get their GED and learn new skills.

By providing a navigation system to employment, the HIRE Initiative works to match participants’ skills to employers’ needs.



Benefits of the HIRE Initiative for Employer-Partners:

1. Connect with employees who have the skills or certifications needed for your industry

2. Find applicants with interpersonal, critical-thinking, and problem-solving skills

3. Diversify your workforce

4. Become a visible partner in building our local economy



Employer-Partner Opportunities:

1. Hire skilled graduates of HIRE programs

2. Offer volunteer opportunities to your employees. They can use their skills to be tutors or mentors for the participants

3. Become a sponsor or an advocate of the HIRE Initiative



When people have better-paying jobs, they can provide for themselves and their families. This creates stability in their lives and in our economy.

Each participant works with a Partner Agency to create a personal plan to help them reach their employment goals.

The HIRE Ladder shows the steps to employment:

HIRE Education Employment Ladder


When a job seeker enters the HIRE program, they often begin by working on their basic math, reading, and computer skills. Then, they can work with another of our Partner Agencies to study for their GED/HSED exams. After they pass the GED/HSED test, participants can get job training in customer services, hospitality, food service, health care, manufacturing, road construction, or skilled trades.

This training, along with mentoring and coaching from community volunteers, prepares the job seeker for successful employment. The HIRE Initiative even helps participants create a resume and practice their interview skills.

ladder lean right

To find out more about getting involved as an Employer-Partner, contact:

Angela Jones

United Way of Dane County

(608) 246-4376




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