Campaign Tools

Thank you for choosing United Way of Dane County as your philanthropic partner of choice! We connect the dots between the change you want to see in our community and those who make it happen. United Way helps engage employees, develop team members and retain top talent.

Below is a series of tools to help you create a successful campaign. Every minute and dollar we invest in our community will help stabilize families and make our community stronger. With your help, we can move toward a Dane County where everyone can succeed in school, work and life. 

Planning Your Campaign

Empathy-Building Engagements

Help your employees understand the barriers to well-being for our neighbors, learn what United Way of Dane County is doing and how you can help.

Making Tough Choices (Facilitation Guide)
Individual or Small Group
15-30 minutes

Start with the End in Mind (Facilitation Guide)
Audience: 6+ People
Time: 20-30 minutes

Step Into the Shoes of Your Neighbor (Facilitation Guide)
Audience: 4+ People
Time: 20-30 Minutes

The Intersection (Facilitation Guide) Coming Soon!

United Way Equity Challenge (Facilitation Guide) Coming Soon!

Fillable Pledge Forms

United Way of Dane County has a fillable pledge form available.If you are making a pledge through payroll deduction, to the extent allowed by your employer, United Way of Dane County can accept pledge forms that have a digital signature.

Download English Pledge Form
Download Spanish Pledge Form

Please include both sides of the pledge form when submitting. Pledge forms can mailed to:
PO Box 7548
Madison, WI
or emailed to: 

Contact us for help identifying employees’ interests, coordinating events and volunteer opportunities that match those interests and meet community needs, and to make meaningful connections to nonprofits across our communities.

Steve Ticknor, Director, Development Operations
(608) 246-4386
Haley Canik, Coordinator, Resource Development Operations
(608) 246-4390