By Youth For Youth

By Youth For Youth (BYFY) is a unique volunteer opportunity for high school students in Dane County, with a goal for Dane County youth to gain the skills, confidence and opportunity to effectively promote positive community change by making strategic investments in youth programming. BYFY provides youth the opportunity to identify needs and issues that are important to them and direct funding to address those needs through projects developed and implemented by youth to serve youth.

BYFY provides a meaningful leadership and volunteer experience for both youth participating on the BYFY committee, as well as for youth who apply for and implement projects for the organizations they serve. Youth develop into future community leaders by learning ways to organize and support their vision for change in the community, enhance their leadership skills, and strengthen youth participation in community volunteerism.

By Youth For Youth is a collaborative project sponsored by United Way of Dane County, Dane County UW-Extension, Dane County Youth Commission, and the City of Madison Community Development Division.

Interested in receiving more info about how to join BYFY?

Fill out our online interest form at here. For more information contact Samara Safarik at All Dane County high school students are encouraged to join BYFY, especially females, students of color and students outside of Madison.

Interested in applying for BYFY funding?

Youth-Serving Initiatives Can Apply for BYFY Funding. By Youth For Youth (BYFY) encourages Dane County student and youth-led initiatives to submit proposals for the BYFY funding. Youth/youth groups can apply for up to $3,000 for a one year period. The RFP generally opens late November/early December and closes early January. Grants are disbursed by late April/Early May.