By Youth For Youth

2018-2019 Request For Proposal

Proposal Deadline
The proposal deadline is 11:59 PM, Monday, January 7, 2019.

Purpose of the Request for Proposal (RFP)
By Youth For Youth (BYFY) is pleased to announce the availability of funding for youth initiatives in Dane County. Eligible projects will benefit youth in Dane County, and include youth in project planning, proposal writing, and project execution. BYFY defines “youth” as being enrolled in school grades K-12.

Background on By Youth For Youth
The BYFY Committee, comprised of Dane County high school students, provides young people the opportunity to become more involved in their community and have a direct impact on the issues that they’ve identified as important.

By Youth For Youth’s Purpose Statement

  • To identify and support strategies and solutions that move us toward a desired vision for our community.
  • To distribute and ensure the effective use of BYFY dollars for the provision of services to meet identified needs of youth in the Dane County community.
  • To develop and enhance each Committee member’s leadership skills and community volunteerism.
  • To keep kids safe and provide positive environments.

For 2018-2019, BYFY will prioritize projects that address the following priorities*:
Violence/Abuse Prevention
Racial & Religious Discrimination
Homelessness & Food Security
LGBTQ+ & Women’s Rights

*BYFY recommends that project proposals correspond with at least one of the above priority areas to be considered for funding. However, proposals not meeting any priorities may still be considered.

Proposal Review
The BYFY Committee will review all proposals received by the deadline. Final recommendations are subject to approval by each sponsoring partner.

Maximum Grant Awarded: $3,000 for up to a one-year period.
Funding has been made available through United Way of Dane County, Dane County Youth Commission, and City of Madison Community Development Division.

Grant Award Notification
Projects selected as grant award recipients will be notified in mid-April 2019, and funds will be made available in April.

Awards Ceremony: April 29, 2019

Participants of funded projects will be required to complete and return a detailed Post Project Report Form to BYFY, and in some cases, will be asked to present at one of the Committee’s meetings.

It is generally recommended to write short answer responses in a Word Document, then copy/paste into the online form. Please let one of the BYFY Staff know if you have any issues accessing a computer to complete this form, note that public access to computers can be found in the library and in community centers.



Yanci Almonte
Nina Amaguaña
Isabel Behl
Beth Berkowitz
Caleb Blair
Megan Brown
Copper Daniel
Lilyana Gabrielse
Isabel Hernandez
Anna Hildebrand
Sofia Irigoyen-Barrientos
Sofia Johansson
Lizzie Johnson
Latif Labibidi
Noor Labibidi
Chungyi Law
Aariika Maaneb de Macedo
Angela Maloney
Megan McCoy
Phoebe McIntosh
Kara Mohar
Kai Narf
Kaiden Niebuhr
Siena Perna
Sneha Sadia
Andrew Siehr
Samuel Stoiber
Amara Voss


Sam Rosenbloom
Assistant Director, Corporate & Community Engagement
United Way of Dane County
(608) 246-4388
Jess Guffey Calkins
4-H Youth Development Program Assistant
Dane County UW-Extension 4-H
(608) 224-3712
Javier Neira
Community Youth Development Educator
Dane County UW-Extension 4-H
Community Development Division
(608) 224-3717
Deon Carruthers
Community Development Specialist
City of Madison Community Development Division
(608) 266-4916

(Failure to complete any of the following may result in the project being excluded from review)

Project is by youth, and for youth:
□ Project benefits K-12 youth in Dane County
□ Youth included in…
□ Project planning
□ Proposal writing
□ Project execution

By Youth For Youth Request for Proposal Form (2018-19):