Board development

Nonprofit boards are tasked with making the governing decisions for the organization. As a result, recruiting board members with a diversity of skills and experience, as well as passion and commitment to your mission is vital. In addition to finding strong candidates for your board, you will need to orient them to your agency and provide training so they understand the roles and responsibilities of their position.

We are proud to offer the following programs for Board Development:

Opportunity to Lead is the start to increasing your leadership in the community for the causes that are most important to you. This session gives an overview of the role of a nonprofit board member from the perspectives of a current board member, an executive director and an experienced nonprofit professional.

This program will…

  • provide you with an overview of the nonprofit sector
  • give you tips on being an effective board member
  • show you how to get connected with board and committee leadership opportunities
  • help you decide if being a member of a nonprofit board is right for you

You will walk away knowing the key responsibilities of the Board of Directors and have a list of questions you can ask yourself to ensure a good fit with an organization.

In addition to our Board Development work, we also offer Board Recruitment and Training through our BoardWalk Academy program.

BoardWalk Academy builds the knowledge, confidence, resources, and connections of individuals who are under-represented on nonprofit boards and committees. During six weekly sessions, participants learn about the roles and responsibilities of nonprofit boards, how they function, and how important their opinions are to our community. All while learning and growing their own leadership styles and skills.

Topics Include: Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector, Business Acumen, Board Governance, Stewardship, Vision, and lastly, Graduation & Making Connections

BoardWalk does not place members on a nonprofit board after they have completed their training. However, we do help graduates make connections with organizations in the community looking for people to fill leadership positions.

To learn more about the program, watch this video, featuring BoardWalk academy graduates.

If you have any questions regarding BoardWalk Academy, please send us an email.