Achievement Connections

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Start in August, and be done when school is done!  Join one of our school teams as an AmeriCorps Tutor or Volunteer Liaison. You’ll serve a flexible schedule of 35 hours per week, with generous time off including Spring Break and Winter Break.  Earn a steady living allowance of $873 per month, and an education award of up to $4,144 when you compete your service! Review our open AmeriCorps positions at our Careers Page!

Algebra is the gateway to critical thinking, the sciences, higher math, and all of the career prospects that rely on them. It’s a student’s first experience with the kind of math and critical thinking that jobs of every type find indispensable.  And yet, Algebra is one of the most frequently failed courses in Dane County.  This is a fact that can hurt a student’s long-term prospects in higher education and their career – and one that we aim to change.

Each year, Achievement Connections mobilizes over 20 AmeriCorps members and hundreds of volunteers to support students in learning Algebra and Geometry – nearly 500 Madison-area students every year.  Over 300 of these students will work with an Achievement Connections tutor 15 times or more, as we create and work through positive relationships that allow us to support students by pairing them with one tutor for at least an entire semester, if not an entire year.

Achievement Connections provides trained Math tutors in dedicated tutoring centers across five Madison-Area high schools to support students in Algebra and Geometry. Each school has its own team of volunteers, supported by AmeriCorps members and school staff, that works closely with math teachers to wrap around the content and methods they use in class to provide the most effective support possible.

Students in our program are matched one-on-one with AmeriCorps tutors or trained volunteers. We combine warm-ups that build necessary, foundational math skills with support for the content that students see every day, to make the biggest difference we can in our tutoring sessions. Our support runs the full spectrum from coaching on academic habits, to quiz and test preparation, to being the person a student turns to when they need some help to keep trying.

Our practices are informed by research.  The methods we use are those that have been proven to have the best chance of making an impact on our students’ academic habits, and eventually, their academic performance.

Achievement Connections currently has tutoring centers operating from 8am to 4:30pm, five days per week, at Middleton High School, James Madison Memorial High School, East High School, West High School, and LaFollette High School.

Get Involved – Serve on a Team – Change a Student’s Life

You can help a student in Algebra or Geometry by joining one of our school teams as a volunteer tutor. It only takes an hour a day, twice a week. If you’re new to tutoring, that’s no problem; we’ll provide the training, and our AmeriCorps members and tutoring center supervisors will be with you every step of the way.  Learn more or volunteer now by contacting Morgan Schmidt at