Loaned Executive Program

One of the most comprehensive professional development programs in Dane County is at United Way!


Loaned Executives join with a group of other self-starting, community-minded leaders, partnering with corporate and nonprofit networks to learn more about our community’s needs and contribute to making a positive impact.

What is a Campaign Fundraising Specialist – Loaned Executive?

A Campaign Fundraising Specialist – Loaned Executive is either sponsored or loaned by a United Way corporate partner. This person is an extension of the United Way team for four months and finishes the program with a fresh, new set of high-demand skills, including business planning, customer relationship management and public speaking.

Who is a Campaign Fundraising Specialist – Loaned Executive?

A Campaign Fundraising Specialist – Loaned Executive is a self-starter with a desire and potential for growth. Successful Loaned Executives are highly enthusiastic, skilled in relationship development and sales, creative in problem solving, confident in project and time management and believe in teamwork – and have an interest in growing their personal and professional network and leadership skills.

Build Your Business Skills

United Way of Dane County delivers an innovative and comprehensive training program to prepare and support our Loaned Executives during their service. As a result, they benefit from an enhanced set of business skills, including:

Account Management
• In-depth training on fundraising, sales and marketing, special event planning and account management best practices.
• Opportunity to manage a portfolio of 20-30 accounts in a fast-paced, high-accountability environment.
• Manage a revenue portfolio of approximately $750,000.

Public Speaking
• Opportunity to participate in sales and public speaking workshops, resulting in ability to engage an audience and craft a meaningful call to action.
• Lead presentations in front of 15-30 companies of varying sizes.
• Work alongside partner nonprofits in addressing our community’s needs and building civic leaders.

• Learn to engage stakeholders with genuine care, attention and purpose, navigating both relationship and task responsibilities.
• Work with business volunteers to network and engage leadership across accounts and industries.
• Build a strong team with the Loaned Executive cohort, uniting efforts around a common goal.

Additionally, Loaned Executives will have the opportunity to invest and award grants through the United Way of Dane County Foundation into our community – allowing them to play a crucial role in sparking real, community-wide change.

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