Volunteer Engagement Opportunities

We are excited to announce a new addition to our work in the area of volunteer engagement and a new benefit open to BVN members.

In 2018, United Way embarked on a strategic visioning process with the goal of representing both the corporate and nonprofit sectors to assess our current volunteerism strategies, measurement methods, the need in our community, and best practices. This strategic plan was approved by United Way’s Board and launched at this year’s Community Volunteer Awards.

One of the key learnings from this year-long process was that more and more companies are focusing on Corporate Social Responsibility and have a desire for more onsite volunteer team-building opportunities. Often times, going offsite becomes a barrier for staff. Additionally, nonprofit agencies are unable to accommodate larger volunteer groups.

To meet these requests, United Way is excited to launch an onsite Volunteer Engagement Menu exclusively to our BVN companies this fall!

If your company is interested in learning more, please connect with United Way Staff at communityengagement@uwdc.org.