Note From the Chair

Dear Business Volunteer Network (BVN) Member,

It’s hard to believe, but the summer has rapidly come to an end!

Please make sure to read about all of our recent events, as well as the upcoming ways to get involved, highlighted in this newly created BVN Blog (and feel free to share this email with your colleagues!).

I would especially encourage you to read the recaps of the BVN Membership Meeting held on August 13th at UW Credit Union, where members discussed best practices regarding workplace volunteerism, and the United Way Community Kickoff held on August 20th at the Mallards Duck Pond.

In the previous newsletter I provided an update on the strategic planning process the BVN Executive Committee has undertaken over the past several months. Specifically, I shared the updated vision and mission of BVN, as well as an update on the restructuring of the BVN committees. Now, I wanted to give you an update on the new strategic goals.

After several planning sessions, the Executive Committee decided on the following four strategic goals to guide our work:

  • Retain current members and increase new membership
  • Increase member awareness of critical community needs through education
  • Build relationships through volunteering
  • Provide exclusive, high quality resources for members

We believe that these goals are aligned with the updated mission and vision of BVN. The Executive Committee will continue to work towards achieving these goals over the next couple of years. As always, please let us know if you have any questions or feedback.

I hope to see you at our upcoming Community Conversation at the Literacy Network on October 8th where we will be discussing ongoing volunteerism. As always, thanks for all you do in our community.

Kind regards,

Chris Smithka
Business Volunteer Network, Chair