Starting June 2019, the Business Volunteer Network is retiring its LinkedIn Group and moving to a LinkedIn Company Page in order to more effectively share value-add content.

We’re excited to make a switch with our social media presence. Starting June 2019, we’re hoping to expand our social media reach with a new LinkedIn Company Page. While the LinkedIn Group was effective at kick-starting conversations online, we think we’ll be able to expand our reach and show more people about all the cool things we’ve been up to.

Now, instead of requesting to join our group, you can “follow” our Company Page here and share our updates with friends and colleagues alike. Our end goal? To help more people like you do your jobs more effectively and to have more fun doing it. The great part about the Company Page is that you can more easily relay the information we provide to others around this great community we get to call home.

Head to our company page, like/share some of our recent posts, and get ready to learn!

“LinkedIn for Good” by HowardLake is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0