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(Madison, WI) September 15, 2016 – Latino leaders have come together for a unique collaboration to raise awareness on the successes, challenges and opportunities for change in Dane County’s Latinx* community. Cuéntame Más is a comprehensive report that documents the needs of this community, whose members are an integral part of our society.

*Latinx (la-TEEN-ex) is a gender neutral pronoun that is inclusive of all people of Latin American descent.

Ten years ago, Latino community leaders created an unprecedented, in-depth report that surveyed the demographics and state of our Latinx community. Titled Cuéntame (Tell Me), the report provided a rich understanding of the demographics, barriers and challenges our Latinx community faced. Today, the Latino Consortium for Action (LCA) issued this next generation report with new research and data in Cuéntame Más (Tell Me More). The report finds a need for investment in a holistic, multi-generational strategy to reduce long-term poverty for the Latinx community in Dane County.

“Cuéntame Más is a strong statement to our community with calls to action for Dane County,” said Karen Menendez Coller, Centro Hispano’s Executive Director and LCA member. “It is our hope that the greater community learns more about the issues the Latinx community experiences in Dane County from this report and is inspired to take action alongside our community members.”

Here are a few demographic statistics from Cuéntame Más:

– Latinx is the largest non-white racial or ethnic group in Dane County with more than 30,000 residents or 6.1% of the county’s population.
– Latinx households earn 46% less than white households in Dane County.
– The Latinx poverty rate increased from 17% to 28% in a five-year span (2009-2014).
– One in five Madison Metropolitan School District students is Latinx. But less than 70% graduate from high school.

You can find the complete report on United Way’s website here.

Also online, you can also find three executive summaries that detail Cuéntame Más’ findings on Education, Income and Health. In each executive summary, you will find specific calls to action for the Dane County community. Find these documents online here.

Cuéntame Mas’ Calls to Action (Find complete list in executive summaries):

– Increase access for K-12 Latinx and English Language Learner students to high-quality, best practice programs
– Promote career and college access and preparatory programs
– Expand GED and adult skill and trade development
– Intensify investments in culturally relevant and bilingual training programs for Latinx in Dane County.
– Hire and retain culturally and linguistically competent healthcare providers.

“Cuéntame Más symbolizes the deep and thorough effort by the Latinx community to ensure all members have the tools to thrive and contribute in Dane County,” said Renee Moe, CEO and President of United Way of Dane County. “Ten years ago, we were proud to be invited as partners with the Latinx community. A decade later, that commitment has strengthened and we are committed to creating more positive change. Together, we are so thankful to the Latinx community for their thoughtful leadership, knowledge and partnership.”