United Way is home to so many inspiring leaders in Dane County. From By Youth For Youth to Key Club and Tocqueville Society, we are connected to an incredible number of community members who want positive change and make it happen through their leadership. This month, we are showcasing the young professionals who are becoming the next generation of leaders in Dane County through our Rosenberry Society.

Young professionals connected with each other throughout a full and successful #YPWeek last week. Rosenberry Society was a key organizer of this week, hosting two events: State of Education and Coffee Conversations. (For more on #YPWeek and a look at both events, check out the video above.)

Aaron Seligman led Coffee Conversations which focused on how to make coffee meetings effective and memorable. Aaron and his wife are both members of Rosenberry Society and he mentioned there’s opportunities to do more in the community with United Way.

“Not only are you giving something, but you’re really getting to invest in your community and the opportunities to see the impact of where it is going to go,” says Aaron. He is the Regional Director in Wisconsin for Leadership for Educational Equity. You can follow him on Twitter @AaronLEEWI.

Rosenberry Society is a simple, unique way to meet fellow young professionals who are interested in philanthropy. Corinn Plossel serves on our Rosenberry Advisory Council, works at Wegners CPAs and is an active member of many young professional organizations in Madison.

“People are having critical conversations on diversity and equity and so many other things you know United Way is touching,” says Corinn. “They can help bring light to these issues and what the community is doing to tackle these issues.”

Corinn (@coryplo) says Rosenberry Society is a great first step for a young professional to learn about our community and help them get involved.

“There’s always ways you can get involved in the community through Rosenberry.”

To join Rosenberry Society for as little at $10 per pay period, please email uwdcberry@uwdc.org. Follow Rosenberry Society on Twitter @uwdcberries or on Facebook.