MADISON (WKOW) — The tech-engineers at Zendesk, Inc. software company are just a few of the minds behind the newly launched online app. United Way of Dane County has joined forces with the tech company to develop a mobile website to help homeless people locate basic services like food, shelter and medical care.

The website called “Link-Dane” went live Monday at a conference in Madison. The site allows the user to access locations for the services from any Internet-enabled mobile phone.

Tiffany Apczynski, director of public affairs at Zendesk, Inc. said they are excited because they hope this will benefit many people.

“The app is targeted mainly for those that are homeless or in need of critical services, such as housing shelter or where to get a hot meal,” Apczynski said. “This easy portal is a quick way to access that information.”

The employees at Zendesk, Inc. are volunteering their personal time to help create the mobile app. The app was created after employees at Zendesk saw a need for the nearly 60-thousand homeless population in Madison.

Renee Moe, president and CEO at United Way of Dane County said she hopes this is just the start of something bigger for those in need. Moe added that this is a great opportunity for United Way.

“I think it will have a huge impact and it will help bring United Way into the future,” Moe said.

Alderperson Maurice Cheeks was just one of the many who attended the mobile app launching celebration. He said that he is happy to see two local communities building partnerships to help serve those less fortunate.

“I think its really important to endorse partnerships like this,” Cheeks said. “I really want to raise awareness for the opportunity for organizations to collaborate and come together and solve problems here in Madison without necessarily needed the involvement of government.”