Therese Gulbransen Therese is VP of Sales and Marketing  at American Printing and is an active leader in United Way’s Women’s Leadership Council .

Q. Why do you support United Way?

A. I was asked and my answer was yes. My support for the United Way comes from a desire to be a part of community that pays attention to long term solutions, measures results and stays the course when times get tough. The United Way takes the big picture and breaks it down into manageable pieces.

Q. What do you think is the most important role United Way plays in our community?
A. The most important role for the United Way is to stay energized and remember that communities change one person at a time. To always be ready for changing needs, what works today is different than a year from now.

Q. Why do you think volunteering in the community is important?
A. Volunteering allows me the opportunity to see the reality of whats happening in the community. I have grown personally, professionally and spiritually. I’ve met so many people volunteering and when I needed help, courage and support they were all there for me. I believe I’m a better parent, colleague and friend as a result of volunteer experiences.

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