Craig Sammit croppedThe more I work with United Way, the more I’m moved by the generosity of our community.

More than 37,000 residents and employees from over 1,000 organizations showed their commitment to uniting the community and changing lives by participating in the 2012 campaign. You opened your hearts and wallets and made this the most successful campaign we’ve ever seen. Thank you.

I’m pleased to share that we’re investing over $15 million dollars in 117 nonprofits, representing 109 Agenda for Change funded programs. Highlights include:

EDUCATION accounts for 46% of our investments focused on academic success and high school graduation.

SAFETY accounts for 31% of our investments in keeping our community safe and stable reducing homelessness and violence.

HEALTH accounts for 22% of our investments in ensuring people’s health issues are identified and treated, including our community’s seniors.

VOLUNTEERISM accounts for 1% of our investments engaging our community, mobilizing volunteers and strengthening nonprofits to achieve measureable results and change lives.

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Thanks for all you do,

Craig Sammit


Craig Samitt, MD
President & CEO, Dean Health Clinic
2013 United Way Vision Council Chair