Our Days of Caring and 2012 Campaign Kickoff is August 21 and I hope you’re as excited as I am to get started!

Days of Caring is the biggest volunteer event in Dane County. It brings together local businesses, volunteers and residents to make progress in our community’s Agenda for Change. It also marks the beginning of United Way’s 2012 fundraising campaign.

Full information on how to prepare, plan, and conduct a United Way campaign or to register for the Kickoff is on our website at www.unitedwaydanecounty.org. Here are a few simple ways to get involved –

1. Put a volunteer team together. Groups or individuals can select a variety of 3-4 hour projects that positively impact Dane County.

2. Organize a donation drive. We’ll be collecting a variety of items to help children have fun and prepare for school.

3. Do both! By organizing a volunteer team and a donation drive, your organization can double your impact!

Our campaign kickoff is Tuesday, August 21 so go online and sign up. There is work to be done.

Are you with us?



Nick Merriggioli
President, Oscar Mayer
2012 United Way Campaign Chair