It’s hard to finish school when you’re not ready to start.
Two years ago, Ma worried that her daughter, Ariya, wasn’t developing the skills she’d need to be successful in school. Ariya was extremely shy and showed little interest in books or toys.

Ma and Ariya enrolled in United Way’s Parent-Child Home Program. Twice a week, Ma and Ariya work with a home vistor, Lisa, on parent/child interaction, behavior, and language development. Ariya is on her way to being ready for kindergarten and enjoys reading and interacting with other children and adults.

United Way and our partners can do even more with your support:

  • Home visitors coach parents and children of low-income families how to interact with and learn from age-appropriate books and toys
  • Research shows that children in this program for two years have significantly higher graduation rates than peers who are not

Did you know?
Children from literacy-rich families are read to approximately 1,000 hours before kindergarten. By comparison, children from literacy-poor families are read to only 25 hours.